Our dining room chair covers will fit most dining room chairs with a maximum height measurement of 23" from the top of the chair to the seat, seat with width and length 14-18''.

Our slipcovers are designed and ready-made to fit a variety of furniture.So you can save your time and energy by simply determining the type and style of your furniture–chair, loveseat, or sofa. One of our sizes will perfectly fit it. Our slipcovers have elastic corners that fit snugly and securely on your furniture.

Center the front and back right to left following all labels. Keep the hem even with the floor all around. Tuck any excess fabric into the shoulders and seat crevices for an instant transformation.

Wrap polyester batting from the back of the cushion over the face and under the cushion for a smooth overall appearance.

Customers tell us how well our slipcovers wash and wear year after year. They are often ready to change the look in their home before it wears out! Just like fashion, the life of the product depends on your own individual use.

Care instructions:

All SyMax slipcovers are machine washable.  Specific washing instructions are available on each product page.